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Individual Life Coaching

This is for the individual who requires clarity, direction and support in achieving goals, living their life’s purpose, or experiencing more joy in some area of their life. Coaching sessions are set by mutual agreement on a weekly schedule. Each session lasts approximately 45 minutes and is focused and directed by the client’s agenda. Most clients find 12 weekly sessions work best in getting them to truly achieve their goal. Email support is always available in between sessions.

Project Coaching

This is for the individual who needs support completing a project like preparing for a marathon, rehearsing for a play, getting ready for a job interview or even de-cluttering their personal space. Telephone sessions are usually no more than 30 minutes long, but with frequent email and telephone support until the project is complete.

Group Coaching

Often groups (couples, friends, family members, colleagues, work groups, team mates) benefit from working together to achieve common goals. They meet weekly on the same call and set joint goals. Their energy provides impetus, support and accountability to each other. This is a powerful process. There is a discounted per person fee for this service

Corporate/Executive Coaching

Conducted for the individual executive or for an entire group, this service is useful for those in transition, those working as part of a team or those who require more harmony and effectiveness in their workplace. This can be done by telephone or at the worksite as required. The duration is based on the actual issue.

Life Purpose Process

Glen draws on his own experiences and multitextured life for his coaching skills. Additionally, he has been trained and certified in the Life Purpose (copyright) method which is an integrated coaching method developed by Fern Gorin and used successfully by over 30, 000 people worldwide. The powerful 7 step process starts with self exploration in which the client uncovers ideal elements of their ideal life, career and life purpose. These elements are then incorporated into creating their goals. Glen was trained by Fern Gorin herself at the Institute in San Diego.

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